Taiwo Ogunjobi Golden Cup

I live, sleep, eat and drink football and will surely die in it…as long as I live, I will continue to pursue the course of making Nigeria a great football nation,” – Let the memory of Chief Taiwo Joseph Ogunjobi be with us forever

The Ogunjobi’s would like to invite you to the funeral Ceremony of our Beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mentor and friend, Chief Taiwo Joseph Ogunjobi. A Nigerian football legend and a true gift to the Earth

Tributes To Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi AKA World Skippo

Tributes Services

Football Matches: Osun state, Oyo state, Citation, Tributes, Photo Parade, Candle Lit Procession, Football Associations Symposium and Prayer for the Family 

Funeral Service

Citation,Tributes, Prayer for the Family, Lying In State, Introduction of the TJO Foundation, Service of Songs, Wake Keep, Commendation Church Service, Internment at Cemetery – Families and Close Friends only, Reception

More Information

Location Map, Services Booklet, Live Funeral Service(Youtube / Facebook/ NTA), Guestbook,


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